Guide to affiliate marketing in the middle east and north africa

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This is officialy our first post. We have been in the market for a long time but we recently decided to launch something that focuses on our region.

Performance Based marketing is not new, but it is something that the MENA region has not fully adopted yet. We are more used to use traditional Online Advertising , Cost Per Click and Search Engine Optimization to make money online or promote our products. Affiliate Marketing or CPA (Cost Per Action) is another way to do Online Advertising. Ideally, whether you are an Advertiser or a Publisher you should be using a mix of those online marketing tools to maximize your results. It is up you to find the right mix. Our role is to help you achieve your FULL potential!

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What is Affiliate Marketing??

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MenaClicks is The Leading provider of Online Marketing Solutions specializing in Performance Based Marketing and Lead Generation for the Middle East and North African Region. We provide you with the tools to manage your budgets and to get the best results by tracking and rewarding Qualified Leads Only!

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