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Do you have the right advertising mix on your site? Do you want to add a new source of Income other than Pay Per Click and traditional Online Advertising? START making money Online from your Web site or Blog’s traffic by Earning commissions from some of the best known or growing brands in our Region and Worldwide. Your commissions are earned by linking to products and services that your readers are likely to purchase or interested in knowing more about them. Some brands will give you a percentage of the Sale, Others will give you a fixed commission for every Qualified Lead you bring them.

Please note that your Website or you Blog has to be approved by MenaClicks and sometimes by the Advertiser. This is required to be able to serve you better and provide the best online publishing platforms for our Advertisers.

MenaClicks‘ Publisher Benefits:

  • Access to a vast Portfolio of Local and International Brands to Promote
  • Make money by referring Qualified Leads and by getting a percentage of the Sale or a Commission for a certain Action
  • Higher Payouts than traditional Online Advertising and PPC
  • On time payments
  • Advanced tools to track you Referral Commissions

We have offers in the following channels:

  • Fashion and Luxury
  • Banking, Finance and Trading
  • Careers and Education
  • Hotels,Travel and Airlines
  • Automotive
  • Web Services and Hosting
  • Beauty and Health Care

We keep on adding new channels and new offers. When you join our network we send your profile to all our advertisers to be able to match your Website with Potential Advertisers.

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heartWhy should you JOIN the MenaClicks Network?

Make Money by Promoting a vast Portfolio of Leading Brands by Earning Commisions on Sales and referring Qualified Leads- For Publishers and Bloggers
Reward your Affiliates ONLY when a Sale happens or a Lead comes in! and Analyse your traffic and Revenue through our Advanced Reporting tools- For Advertisers and Brand Managers
Amazing Web Hosting deals thourgh our partners and we Help you Enhance your Online presence- More Services

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MenaClicks is The Leading provider of Online Marketing Solutions specializing in Performance Based Marketing and Lead Generation for the Middle East and North African Region. We provide you with the tools to manage your budgets and to get the best results by tracking and rewarding Qualified Leads Only!

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